About christie & CWC empowerment coaches 

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Why I coach.....

Coaching is the fastest way to invoke deep, lasting change. It helped me heal my own past and create a future that I was excited to live in, and it helped me find my passion for working with and empowering other women. The valuable lessons I’ve learned from overcoming my own challenges have become powerful tools that I now use to help my clients. My coaching techniques are designed for you to find and listen to what is true for you so that you are empowered to follow your path and live your most authentic, purposeful life.

I have a unique ability to see and identify behavioral patterns and subconscious habits that can hinder a person’s ability to succeed for themselves.  I care deeply about my clients and have an intense, but loving approach to finding breakthroughs and life changes that empower my clients to live their lives on purpose.  I pride myself on being authentic and honest.  I am not afraid to confront my clients’ fears, and I help them to develop that same bold fearlessness so that they can affect real, positive, purposeful change in their lives.